What are the dimensions of the Premiere Home Cinema Seating?

The dimensions and layout diagram can be found on the PDF below. Please be aware that the Faux Leather Chair's dimensions differ slightly.

PDF Premiere Home Cinema Seating Dimensions Diagram

Does the remote control on the massage system need batteries?

The remote control unit is electrically operated so does not need batteries.
October 20, 2014

Cup Holder › Features ›

What size drinks will the cup holder take?

The cup holders will comfortably accommodate a standard 330ml can of drink or up to a 16oz hi-ball glass.

How should I clean the leather?

The manufacturer recommends Turtle Wax as the best substance to use when cleaning the leather.

Is the leather on the Premiere Home Cinema Seating protected?

The leather on the Premiere Home Cinema Seating has been protected by Scotch Guard.
October 20, 2014

Manufacture ›

Where is the Premiere Home Cinema Seating manufactured?

The Premiere Home Cinema Seating is produced in the Far East. The motor is a German Okin motor and the leather is Italian.

October 20, 2014

Assembly › Bolt-ons ›

Can I add to my existing cinema seating?

If you have purchased a two seater or larger combination, you can easily add to this by purchasing our middle seats. This is providing your existing model matches our latest in stock design. Please contact us to confirm whether your current model is compatible.

If I have a problem with my seating, is there an engineer in my area?

Where necessary, we have an engineer who will travel to you. However, on the very few occasions that there has been an issue, we can resolve them by dispatching easily fitted replacement parts.
October 20, 2014

Assembly › Power ›

Does the Premiere Home Cinema Seating contain European plugs?

The cinema seating does not include European plugs but can easily be modified with a European adapter.

October 20, 2014

Assembly › Weight ›

Can one person assemble the Premiere Home Cinema Seating?

We recommend two people assemble the Premiere Home Cinema Seating. The seating is heavy and should not be managed by just one person.

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