Does the remote control on the massage system need batteries?

The remote control unit is electrically operated so does not need batteries.
October 20, 2014

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What size drinks will the cup holder take?

The cup holders will comfortably accommodate a standard 330ml can of drink or up to a 16oz hi-ball glass.

What is the quality of the leather used on the Premiere Home Cinema Seating?

The Premiere Home Cinema Seating is made using top grain Italian leather.

It does NOT contain the following chemicals, as featured in recent press stories: 

  • DMF (di-methyl fumarate) 
  • Chromium VI 
October 20, 2014

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What is the difference between a seat recliner and a seat incliner?

An incliner slides forward, while a recliner moves backwards. The advantage of the incliner feature is the ability to position seating just 10cm from the wall, allowing you to maximise space in your room.