Premiere Home Cinema Seating - 3 Seater

by: Home Cinema Seating

Film is a piece of art, and just like a painting in a gallery, it should be viewed in peace and quiet to truly enjoy and appreciate it. The problem with movie theaters is the number of distractions in the form of popcorn munchers, rowdy kids kicking the back of your seat, the man who won't stop coughing and the person that laughs at the most inopportune moments.

Banish the frustrations and woes of going to the cinema and instead install one in your own home with our luxury range of Home Cinema Seating. Available in black, brown, beige or cream leather, there's something to suit every home. Our leather seats are upholstered in top grain Italian leather, ensuring high quality, durability and maintenance with its scotch guard treatment.

Forget ripped cinema seats, sharing armrests with strangers and numb bums, simply use the motorized wall-a-way incliner and relax in comfort. Unlike spring loaded lever controlled recliners, each seat features a button operated near-horizontal recline which can be smoothly positioned to your personal preference.

Once you've got yourself into position, pick up the handheld control where you can turn on the internal lumbar heating and massage system. Featuring 5 massage points across your back and legs, you can select which points you want on, as well as the intensity, speed and type of vibration (wave, pulse or steady).

Don't forget to keep the in-arm storage box stocked up with food and drink treats, to ensure you never have to leave the comfort of your seat. The armrest-located beverage cooler will keep chilled beverages to hand. If a cup of cocoa is more your thing on a cosy evening, use the warm setting in the beverage holder to keep your drink at optimum temperature.

Grab some friends, the TV remote and help yourself to a drink in comfort, whether you're watching the latest blockbuster, international football game or your favourite TV box set.

Product Features (Further Info):

  • Motorized wall-a-way incliner
  • Beverage cooler/warmer system
  • Storage boxes
  • Massage and lumbar heating system
  • Scotch-guarded for protection

Handset Options:

  • Choose any combination of the 5 massage points
  • 'Wave' / 'Pulse' / 'Steady' massage options
  • 'Power' and 'Heat' buttons
  • Intensity +/-
  • Speed +/-

Electrical - Mains Powered: Yes (UK Plug Supplied)

PDF Premiere Home Cinema Seating Dimensions Diagram


Height: 1060mm

Width: 2650mm

Depth (upright): 830mm

Depth (reclined): 1600mm

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