Premiere Home Cinema Seating - 4 Seater

by: Home Cinema Seating

One of life's little pleasures is heading to the cinema to watch the big Hollywood names do what they do best. There's something about sitting in a dark room watching the latest blockbuster with your friends that brings a smile to your face.

The drawbacks of visiting the cinema are the crowds of people that you have to fight to get the best seat, the overpriced snacks and drinks, and the noisy kids that talk through all the best bits!

The Premiere Home Cinema Seating is the only way to watch a movie! Create your own little cinema haven to enjoy with your friends by introducing this set of 4 luxury seats to your own home cinema or games room.

To help you fully relax, each seat of the Premiere Home Cinema Seating includes a motorised wall-away incliner. With the simple push of a button, your backrest and footrest will incline to a far more relaxed seating position. Each seat includes a luxurious massage and heating system that is all operated through your own personal remote control! Choose the intensity and speed of your massage over 10 massage points, in a wave, pulse, or steady flow.

If you like a cool beverage to whet your palate, then the incorporated cup cooler in each seat is an essential part of the cinema exprience. Even if you prefer a warm coffee or tea, the cup cooler instantly changes to a cup warmer to cater for your needs. If you like to watch a movie with a plentiful supply of snacks and drinks, this 4 seater set includes storage boxes for you to keep popcorn and drinks ready for when you need them. 

The Premiere Home Cinema Seating is available in a wide choice of colours in either real Italian leather, so no matter what your decor, there is something for you.

Product Features (Further Info):

  • Motorized wall-a-way incliner
  • Beverage cooler/warmer system
  • Storage boxes
  • Massage and lumbar heating system
  • Scotch-guarded for protection

Handset Options:

  • Choose any combination of the 5 massage points
  • 'Wave' / 'Pulse' / 'Steady' massage options
  • 'Power' and 'Heat' buttons
  • Intensity +/-
  • Speed +/-

Electrical - Mains Powered: Yes (UK Plug Supplied)

PDF Premiere Home Cinema Seating Dimensions Diagram


Height: 1060mm

Width: 3510mm

Depth (upright): 830mm

Depth (reclined): 1600mm

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