Features of the Premiere Home Cinema Seats

Massage & Lumbar Heating

There are 10 massage points covering various points of your back and legs with a choice of vibration type; wave, pulse or steady. This is completely controlled by the handset included, which allows you to choose how many massage points you want on at one time, and the intensity and speed of the vibration. The seats can be heated, which is also controlled via the remote.

Beverage Cooler / Warmer

Located in the armrest is a cup holder that will perfectly fit a can, bottle, glass or cup. It can be used to keep your beverage cool or warm, ideal for cans of soda and cups of cocoa.

Motorized Wall-a-Way Incliner

Our home cinema seating features a near-horizontal motorized incliner, which is operated by a button on the inside of the armrest on the chair. This is much smoother than lever reclining chairs and can be reclined to a position that suits you. Seating can be placed as close as 10cm to the wall behind without touching when inclining. The seats also feature an anti-slip footrest. 

Top Grain Italian Leather Upholstery

Our seats are upholstered in top grain Italian leather for maximum comfort.

Storage Boxes

To help you keep your favourite snacks close at hand, each seat of your Home Cinema Seating comes with its own storage box. Each storage box has a recess, perfect for keeping a can or bottle upright, and there is still plenty of space for packets of sweets, crisps, or any other cinema snacks.

Hardwood Feet

Finished with a stylish silver colour, each Home Cinema Seat is supported on 4 hardwood feet. The bases of the feet are lacquered for a smooth finish, ensuring they will reduce the chance of marking your floors. While the every precaution has been taken to make the feet suitable for all floors, we would recommend placement on carpeted surfaces.